Art Across Culture and Civilization 

It is universally recognized that a human’s impulse is to create art. Art is used as a way of communicating our beliefs and express our ideas regarding human experience. All throughout every region in the world and all stages of civilization, art is there. Through art, culture us passed from generation to generation.


In many areas of human life, art is there. May it be music, sculpture, literary works, infrastructure, even the peculiar things we never give so much thought of like event catering services, food setup and any kinds of design. It’s all art. Art is everywhere.

Here are some of the themes where art is dominating.

1. Converging Cultures

From the beginning of time, material desires, economic needs and political ambitions have brought us into contact even though we come from different region and culture. Our converging cultures made us exchange ideas and knowledge even though our endeavor is either cooperative or clashing. In the field of virtual arts, our culture has led us to hybrid styles, creative juxtapositions and reinterpretation of symbols.

2. Domestic Life

From tapestries to furniture to baskets and bowls, art is dominant in our domestic life for many years since the beginning of civilization. We can see in the spaces of our home and school, culturally and aesthetically significant figures has purposes. May it be for service and storage or facilitation of prayers. Also, the experiences and events that happened in these walls and spaces also became inspiration for artists to create their craft. When we take a look at paintings and other forms of art, we know that those are depictions of real life. So, whatever is happening in our society it is always reflected in art.

3. Writing

Words and images represent and symbolize things like place, people and objects. It also connotes concepts, ideas and theories. So it is not surprising is images and words are juxtaposed. It’s because the two often time overlap with each other. Their relationship is manipulated to be able to communicate with people. Most of the artists around the world are taking inspiration from images and text since the two is a powerful tool to express ideas. The two can undermine or develop each other’s meanings, and look how art works in that way.

4. History 

Since time immemorial, art has been a medium to document and shape history. Artists use artistic forms of the past to express what it is today. Art is existent in whatever era we are in, whether we are developing from something and improving to become better individual. Art also commemorate failures, memories and existence. For example, an existence of this civilization is reflected in the arts of its people. Art is also a way of creating personal memories.

5. The Body

If you have observed most of the Renaissance artwork, it’s mostly body sculptures and portraits. The body performs art in whatever way. Almost all of creative expression is expressed through the body. The body becomes a site for constructing sex ideals and identity.

See, art is everywhere. Even though we are now in the world of technology, art is still lively and in fact it is evolving.

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